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Transport, Communications & Storage
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The types of loans available under transportation, & storage are: Bus, Minibus, taxi, coastal & other water transport, storage, travel agency services etc.


• Competitive interest rates
• Terms available to suit your business cycle
• Reasonable fees & charges
• Minimum equity contribution
• Short decision time
• Flexible Repayments  

Term of Loan

The term of loan will be determined by the purpose and type of project on a case by case basis.


The necessary supporting documents for a transportation, & storage loan are available in this checklist.


How do I apply?

Apply for an FDBtransportation, & storage services loan or call for more information at your nearest FDB Branch today.                                                     


Some requirements for security in this particular product may include:
• Bill of sale over land and water transport vehicle
• Personal/Company guarantee
• Debentures
• Other security required by the Bank


Need more Information?

If you have further questions or wish to learn more about how a loan is processed read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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