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Sustainable Energy Financing
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The Sustainable Energy Financing (SEFF) is part of government’s plan to convert electricity generation from fossil fuel to renewable sources and reduce fuel importation


The SEFF supports key renewable energy systems:
1. Solar photovoltaic System
2. Pico – Hydro System and
3. Fuel switching system where coconut oil will be used as a diesel fuel alternative for generating electricity.

4. Wind, biomass, biogas, wave, tide and geothermal systems.

• Competitive interest rates
• Terms available to suit your business cycle
• Reasonable fees & charges
• Minimum equity contribution
• Short decision time
• Flexible Repayments 

Term of Loan
The maximum term loan is for 6 years with a maximum loan amount not to exceed $1,000,000.


The necessary supporting documents for a Sustainable Energy Financing loan are available in this checklist.


How do I apply?

Apply for an FDB SEF loan or call for more information at your nearest FDB Branch today.



Normal security requirements for this particular product may include:
• Mortgage over land & building
• Bill of sale over assets
• Notification
• Guarantees (personal & from World Bank).


Need more Information?
If you have further questions or wish to learn more about how a loan is processed read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Send us an email with your feedback and comments.


Download the sustainable energy Financing brochure.