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Renald grows with FDB
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03 January 2013

From a paintbrush, some canvas and a $10 investment in 1998, Renald
Sharma, 32, of Yalalevu in Ba is now a familiar face to large businesses
in the Western division.

Renald is a graphic artist operating out of Yalalevu as Renald Signs and
he has built quite a reputation for his business with only one other

Whilst attending Ba Sanatan College, Renald always dreamed of
becoming a graphic artist with his love of art work.

This passion turned into a business soon after leaving school and he
hasn’t looked back ever since.

“When I completed my Fiji School Leaving Certificate and left school in
1998, I had my first customer who wanted a signboard. So I completed
this project with the paint brush I had. With the level of technology that
other graphic artists had, I knew I had to get finances if I was going to
compete with them.”
After completing his first order, Renald’s client offered to provide him a
loan to kick start his business and to ensure he could use printed materials
instead of a paintbrush. He refused knowing he was going to owe his
client a great debt so he ventured on his own.

“I began to build my clients and even though they were satisfied with my
work, they always urged me to go into printed signages.”

“A cousin of mine used to work for the Fiji Development Bank here in Ba
and he suggested I come in to their office and talk with them regarding
my business proposals. Everything else was history from then on because
with that enquiry, my loan was soon approved and I was able to purchase
my printing equipment.”

Renald’s first loan was approved in 2004 under FDB’s working capital
facility which provides assistance with recurrent working capital needs
for the operation of eligible enterprises. Under this facility, FDB provides
up to 80% of the working capital requirement where the working capital
position of the business at its current level of operation is at least 20 per
cent of future requirement.

He applied for an additional loan in 2006 to purchase an additional
printing machine since his customer base was getting bigger and his
machine wasn’t able to process all the work needed.

Renald began to attract big names such as Rooster Poultry, RC Manubhai
and A. Jan Group of companies who noticed the quality of work that he
was producing.

Prompted by the increase in demand and level of complexity of designs
demanded by his clients, Renald again approached FDB for an additional
loan in 2008.

This was approved and he was able to purchase printing machine from
Roland DG Corporation in Japan, a world renowned company in digital
printing. This allowed Renald to do digital graphics work.

“I always strive to provide the best service to my clients and that’s why I
needed this machine and I thank FDB in allowing my loan after only two
days of my applications.”

Renald signs does outdoor management digital signages such as
billboards, vehicle signage, shop signage, large printing, logo designing
(which they do for free) and banners with a resolution of 2280 dpi, the
maximum resolution that any machine in Fiji can produce.

“My clients always come first that is why I go out of my way to satisfy
them even if they make 11th hour requests. I was also spending a lot of
money on transportation and with the increase in taxi fare last year, my
expenses really went up. I lost a few clients in the process because I was
late to meeting them as agreed since I didn’t have my own transport.”

Last year, Renald approached FDB for an additional loan which was
approved in a matter of days.

“This injection of transportation to my business has really been a great
boost. I have 120 clients whom I serve throughout the year and the new
car has really come in handy.”

“I have plans to build a new office which would be a classy one so that
my clients could enjoy coming to my office. I know that this is all
possible and with the assistance of FDB, I know I can fulfil all my
business dreams. I started with FDB, I grew with FDB and I will remain
with FDB.”

From a paint brush, Renald continues to grow from strength to strength.


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